RECORD CRACK: Vinyl reissue for 1998 album by Caustic Resin

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Caustic Resin were one of the most prized bands from the Pacific Northwest music scene, specifically from the city of Boise, Idaho and when they released their music, many anticipated new sounds from them. Their The Medicine Is All Gone is still praised today and today, the Scavenger Cult label reissues that album on vinyl. If you’re unfamiliar with the album or the band, check out a song from it/them called “Cable” and hopefully you’ll be moved to pick up a copy of The Medicine Is All Gone, which you can order below via Amazon. The album will be out on September 30th.

VIDEO: Risley’s “Time Was Slow”

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
While this video, shot on 8mm film by Tony Shilling, is meant to look straight out of 1993 or so, you can easily say this would fit in with the innocence of Portland, Oregon of 2016, or the innocence some say is slowly fading away. Then again, if you head to any part of Portland, you’ll see teenagers rocking their Bad Brains and Operation Ivy T-shirts so this video from Risley is very much now as it was back then. The song is taken from the band’s debut album that is meant to reflect at ones youth, a reflection that is sure to be felt by anyone who is looking forward to getting older and wiser. Michael Deresh and Travis Stanek were able to find a group of actual friends who weren’t afraid to participate in this music video and it’s a nice piece, from whatever perspective you view it.

Time Was Slow from Michael Deresh on Vimeo.

AUDIO: Night Club’s “Dear Enemy”

Night Club photo NightClub_old_zpsgdkrr8wp.jpg
Requiem For Romance is the official title of the forthcoming album by Night Club and everyone involved wants to share a track from it. This is called “Dear Enemy”, which may be about the dark powers that be or perhaps even you. Maybe it is about themselves, it is unknown but then again, maybe the answers are in the song. The album will be out on October 7th, which is when they’ll also start a tour beginning in San Francisco at the album release show.
October 7 San Francisco, CA (DNA Lounge – Turbo Drive) (LP release show)
October 8… Phoenix, AZ (The Grid)
October 14… Denver, CO (Synth Prom at 1010 Workshop)
October 21… Brooklyn, NY (Trans Pecos)
October 22… Newark, NJ (QXT’s)
October 30… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
November 10… Austin,TX (Nite School at Cheer Up Charlie’s

AUDIO: Haddy Racks’ “Take You Home (Lasercode Remix)”

Haddy Racks photo HaddyRacks_old_zpsuvupaetx.jpg
If you’ve been getting into the music of Haddy Racks in the last few months as I have, this may come as a surprise. Electro/dubstep producer Lasercode hails from Germany and he decided to submit his remix of Haddy’s “Take You Home” for the “Rep Your City” remix contest sponsored by iStandard Producers and he obtained the top prize. While you’ll find the original version on the Resumé album (available below via, you can hear the remix in full right here.

AUDIO: Adam Reverie’s “Wanna Be A N***a”

Producer JXHNSCXTT did this one for the awesome Adam Reverie for a song called “Wanna Be A N***a”, explained by Reverie below:

I’ve held on to this record for almost 2yrs, afraid of who it may offend afraid of who it may hurt. But as I wake up a Black man in America, I realize this country hasn’t cared that it has hurt me nor others like me. A country built off the free labor of Blacks, a country we have literally carried on our backs. A country that chooses to appropriate Black culture yet chooses to shy away from Black issues. See to me it seems everyone wants to be Black until it’s time to actually be Black. You know the discrimination, the racism, the prejudice, the injustice. Well this record is for all the innocent Black lives taken by crooked law enforcement, this record is for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this record is for everyone who wants to be a “N***a” without actually being treated like one. This record is for White America and its children who through rap music have adopted “N***a” into their vocabulary, but remain silent when White cops dispose of us “N****s” with violence. This record is for all my Negus who call themselves “N****s”, my brothas this record ain’t just for them.. I also made this record for us..And all who “Wanna Be A N***a”.

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “No Lie”

Snow Tha Product photo SnowTha_old_zpsbwn3kwk8.jpg
We’re just around the corner from autumn but Snow Tha Product is letting everyone know she’s not about to fall with this new track called “No Lie” and while she continues to touch on social narcotics, this new one is about a different type of socializing, one that has to do with personal dynamics, perhaps you can relate to it. The song was produced by DJ Pumba so have at it.

VIDEO: In Flames’ “The End”

The guys in In Flames have a new album ready to go but not just yet, it will be released on the 11th of November. Their Nuclear Blast album will definitely be a blast if this song is any indication and if you’re saying to yourself “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS? I MUST LISTEN…” then go listen, then. This is called “The End” but this is only the beginning and yes, that may sound like a cliche but sometimes the best cliches work. The Battles album awaits your ears.

VIDEO: The Coathangers’ “Perfume”

The Coathangers are placing their heads are underwater but when Prince said similar words, he said “I doubt that you could hear me” but in this case, you will definitely be able to hear and see these ladies rock out while letting you know about the importance of “Perfume”. This one is from their Nosebleed Weekend album and if you haven’t picked up your copy, do so right now by clicking the cover below, which will take you to