SOME STUFFS: Recording The Beatles authors to speak in Boston and New York

Recording The Beatles book The authors of what I feel is one of the best (if not THE best) books on The Beatles will be speaking next week in Boston and New York City about Recording The Beatles (Curvebender).

Authors Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan will be speaking about their landmark book in Boston on December 2nd and New York on December 3rd. The New York talk will be held at the historic Ed Sullivan theatre, on the very stage from which the Beatles first beamed into the homes of America in 1964.

Both lectures are open to the public, though seating is limited. Click here for information on the December 2nd talk in Boston, and click here for info about the December 3rd talk in New York. Beatles fans and recording buffs will not want to miss this.

SOME STUFFS: Anoushka Shankar to performn at Live Earth India

Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar, along with Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Dia Mirza, Shiamak Dava, Roger Waters, and, will be taking part in a festival next week called Live Earth India, where Indian and Western musicians will collaborate for the first time to a global audience. The concert, scheduled for Sunday, December 7, 2008, at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai, India, is being held to create awareness of a planet in crisis, and will be broadcast throughout India on radio and via satellite around the world. People can watch the concert online by clicking to If you are able to make the journey to India, you can purchase tickets here.

For more information on the Live Earth organization, click here.

SOME STUFFS: Rock opera missing in your life? Moon & Moon come to the rescue

Moon & Moon These two gents here are known as Moon & Moon, whose new album, VII Acts of an Iron King
(La Société Expéditionnaire), is a 21st century rock opera masterpiece in the making. I’m not saying the album isn’t a masterpiece, but I spoke of the masterpiece tag that people will give it. If you are looking for an album that has the majestry and power of the album in your mind, pick it up. The album was released on November 11th, but the band will be doing a CD release show in Brooklyn, New York on December 14th at Glasslands.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Interested in what their rock opera sounds like? Here is an MP3 in the form of “Act II: Hands Of A Man” (14.76mb). The CD for VII Acts Of An Iron King can be purchased from CD Universe, digitally from

SOME STUFFS: New Order reissues not up to par, says fans

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This news piece from Reuters makes me wish more fans would make a commotion. It proves that there are fans who still buy physical product and care for the audio quality.

The issue in question is a series of reissues Rhino Records released for New Order earlier this week. Fans bought them but realized the audio quality is not up to par, with some claiming that a few of the tracks on the bonus discs are sourced from vinyl. While using records as a master is not a bad thing, this is New Order we’re talking about, a group whose master recordings are still in existence. The albums in question are Movement, Power, Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood and Technique. The same albums were reissued in England and throughout Europe last month, when fans discovered some of the errors on the discs. Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly), the masters used for the UK remasters were sent to Rhino and what Americans are hearing are the exact same discs as British fans. (In the past, individual countries could create a unique master for a particular release, so that a pressing in Japan may sound very different from the one in the UK. These days, the same “clone” of an album is used throughout the world.)

New Order’s Peter Cook made a statement on his MySpace page claiming the reissue process was a mess, and that no one sent him or the other members of the group test pressings in order to have a bit of quality control. The articles goes on to say that Rhino released a statement indicating “We are now in the process of correcting the problems, but it should be noted that due to the age and condition of some of the original source tapes, the sound quality may vary”. Warner Japan had planned on creating limited editions for these new reissues, but since it seems they were going to use the same masters as the UK and US discs (as is customary these days), the Japanese reissues have been officially canceled.

All parties involved will eventually allow fans to exchange their discs when an official announcement is made.

If you’d like to see an updated forum thread on the errors found in these reissues (“300 and counting”), head over to

SOME STUFFS: First two Osibisa albums remastered for release in December

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Osibisa were a band introduced to me by my auntie (r.i.p.), and I got into their music immediately. In the last 15 years, finding decent quality editions of Osibisa albums on CD has been difficult since the CD’s were mastered from unknown sources, meaning it could have been a 5th generation tape for all we know. The first digital appearance of the first two albums happened in the mid-90’s, and the sound quality was okay but not anything too special. A few years ago the BGO label did a two-for-one reissue, but some say a few of the songs are obviously mastered from vinyl.

It seems the Repertoire label in Germany are to the rescue, with the help of mastering engineer Joachim Ehrig. If the name is familiar, Ehrig is known to some as Eroc from the German prog band Grobschnitt, and he also released a number of solo albums. Ehrig has been a mastering engineer for awhile and according to a post at the Steve Hoffman boards, the source of the masters were DATs that came in from England. I had been told that the actual master tapes were hard to come by, since founding member Teddy Osei has them and allegedly did not want to give them out unless he was properly compensated. Depending on the source of the DAT, it’s possible that Osei has had a change of mind. Fans have not been entirely pleased with the CD reissues, so having it properly done may move people to discover and rediscover these classic albums.

The CD booklet will feature slightly revised artwork from illustrator Roger Dean. The remasters of Osibisa and Woyaya will be released on December 19th.

SOME STUFFS: XM/Sirius merger not good

Image Hosted by There has been talk about XM and Sirius uniting as one when Sirius bought their satellite radio competitor a few months ago. People were excited since satellite radio offered a chance for people to hear radio without censorship, and with what you want to to hear, not what advertising consultants want you to hear. There was more variety, more choices, more of what territorial radio no longer provides. As of last week, Sirius were making changes to their programming not by transferring XM’s channels to theirs, but removing programs that had devoted audiences. For the time being, those who have XM radio can only listen to programs using the XM technology, because both systems are incompatible. Sirius listeners don’t have to worry, but those who have spent money for XM’s system and programming (which some way was superior over Sirius) now have to deal with permanent changes.

Even if you don’t have satellite radio, you have no doubt heard about the merger. But according to an article at, the merger is leading to one obvious thing: fewer channels and programming that is quite clean. Some of the shows on XM were explicit, but you could listen to “clean edits” on other channels. If you wanted the real hardcore stuff, you had your options. If you wanted special DJ mixes or sets, you had it. If you wanted rural country or rare blues, you had it. If you wanted electronica and its many varieties, you could select the channels of interest. No more. Sirius has let go of many of its DJ’s, and by shrinking their ways of entertaining, they are essentially offering less options for the same price they charged before, listening to the same type of music you can pretty much find on regular FM radio in any city or town.

Isn’t the reason you bought satellite radio was to escape the mundane state of current radio? Now the company expects for people to pay for that AND advertising? I’m waiting for the inevitable Disney/Sirius merger so that every channel has some Disney programming on it, selling and hyping up Disney 24/7 because that’s the Disney way.

Unfortunately, as someone who was curious about satellite radio, this is giving me second thoughts. As others have said, things were better when there was competition, and now that Sirius is the big boss, it seems terrible. I hope someone will come up with an alternative, because the way things are now, I see Sirius going out of business in three years.

I support the power of radio and still believe in the power of it, but this is why more people are looking to podcasts and internet radio, although if some had their way, there would be heavy restrictions on it too.

SOME STUFFS: Joe Jonas Breaks Up With Taylor Swift (awwww…)

Courtesy of via E! Online:
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C’mon, who really cares? All this Hollywood relationship sounds nothing more like P.R., where everyone gets a chance to use everyone so that they can all be a success. Are girls going to cry this morning when they get this news alert on their cell phones?

When did Hollywood Babylon become mainstream news?