SOME STUFFS: London’s legendary Olympic Recording Studio to close

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If you are obsessive about liner notes as much as I am, then you are no doubt familiar with the many albums recorded over the years, especially in the 1960’s and 1970’s at London’s Olympic Studios, including an album by the band pictured up above, Blind Faith. Olympic originally started out as an independent studio at a time when most studios were owned by the record label (which is why many songs and albums before the late 1960’s were identifiable by their label). It became the host of recording sessions by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and for a brief moment The Beatles (“Baby You’re A Rich Man” was recorded there when the group felt like trying something new outside of EMI Studio, now known as Abbey Road Studio). In

In time recording session there lessened by the year, and the building that housed Olympic was bought by Virgin/EMI in 1987. For whatever reason that remained unanswered, Virgin Records managing editor Barbara Jefferies requested that the contents of the building be liquidated, including countless master recordings for the music and movie industries. Those were literally dumped on the street outside for anyone to take, which lead to those “in the know” to take them, leading to countless bootlegs with material no one ever thought existed. According to the entry at Wikipedia, artists were forced to buy back their own masters from bootleggers when box sets became profitable.

EMI recently announced that they will be closing Olympic due to lack of profit, and Abbey Road will be the only studio they will continue to manage. Most likely the Olympic building will not be preserved for its historical significance, so if you are in London any time soon, make sure to pass by a place that provided an incredible amount of music.

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