SOME STUFFS: Kelly Clarkson ready for a comeback: oh really?

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Someone explain to me this. I like musical hype like the next person, but over at E! Online there’s an article about how Kelly Clarkson is ready to make a comeback but this is in 2008, a time in music history where people know your every move and next move. Where did she go, and what merits this as a “comeback”? No, a comeback would be someone like D’Angelo, Maxwell, or to some degree Lauryn Hill but Kelly Clarkson? She released an album that flopped last year, fine. Britney Spears messed up during the MTV Video Music Awards last year, fine. But last year’s flops means you can say you’re on a comeback trail?

What’s next, someone is going to take a dump, fall asleep on the toilet, and two weeks later “major comeback by Toby Keith after dozing off on the throne, new tour”? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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