Thrift Store Adventures: December 28, 2008, Walla Walla, WA

This is my first video Thrift Store Adventures that I created using a Flip video camera I received for Christmas.

For this first video installment, my ohana wanted to go to Walla Walla, Washington (about a 45 minute drive East) to pick up a television for my nephew that he received as a gift. I made sure that I would go to a thrift store on this trip, and I had hoped to go to the Blue Mountain thrift store and Goodwill, but the Blue Mountain store is closed on Sundays (I did not know).

I drove around the corner to Goodwill and these are the results. This is unedited, so pardon the tentative mess. While I’m not in this video, my nephew is. Once I’m able to make these videos look a bit more decent, I’ll record myself.

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