SOME STUFFS: Original Fishbone lineup to reunite? For a Pepsi… almost

Well, it may not be the long awaited reunion of the original 6-man line up of Fishbone, but it’s the first time in years that people have seen Christopher Dowd on stage along with Angelo Moore, Norwood Fisher and Walter Kibby. I am talking about a new Pepsi commercial that is airing now, highlighting the brand new logo (which I don’t like, looks like a smirk, or The Partridge Family partridge) for the soft drink company, which you can see above. While the Fishbone footage in the commercial is extremely brief, you can see photos of the shoot over at Fishbone Live. I myself have been a Fishbone fan for 24 years but never saw them live other than on video and television. Yes, that is a crime in itself, but if the original line-up ever reunites, I will have to find a way to go. Fish, Kendall, please phone home.

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