SOME STUFFS: Telarc International to cut 26 jobs, stop producing its own CD’s

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A news article at states Telarc International will be cutting their staff by half, and will eventually stop making its own recordings.

The article by Frank Bentayou says the head of the respected jazz, classical, and blues label announced he would step down in March. Telarc were purchased by the Concord Music Group four years ago, and changes were immediately made when the purchase was complete.

Telarc was one of the last labels to make an emphasis on the needs of the listener buy releasing CD’s and SACD’s for those who demanded quality music. They also had their own manufacturing plant, which helped insure quality in a project from start to finish. While Telarc will exist in name via Concord, the label will now have their music manufactured elsewhere. Fortunately, those involved in the label will move on with new labels to cater to those who loved Telarc’s trademark of quality.

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