OBITUARY: hip-hop producer Tony D

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News out of Trenton, New Jersey last night states that Anthony “Tony” Depula, better known in hip-hop circles as producer Tony D. (a/k/a Harvee Wallbangar, died in a car accident on Saturday. He was 42 years old. According to an article at the Trenton Regional Times, witnesses say he lost control of his jeep at around 6pm, drove into a fence at a cemetery, leading to the jeep flipping over on the passenger side. The article goes on to say that neighbors in the area were trying to rescue him but were unable to do so because of his size. One witness indicated that it was ten minutes before police and rescue units were at the scene.

Tony D. was one of Trenton’s finest and started out as a DJ before becoming known known for his work with Poor Righteous Teachers, whose debut album Holy Intellect (Profile) he had a major hand in. Due to the success of the album, Profile gave him a production deal where he was able to record an album with his group, Crusaders For Real Hip Hop.

He continued to produce since the early 90’s but was unable to gain the attention he received with PRT. Depula would release compilations of the many artists he worked with over the years, including King Sun, The Outsidaz, and YZ and continued to be a part of the hip-hop scene in the Trenton area up until his death.

r.i.p. Tony D.

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