SOME STUFFS: “The Graff Life” takes a look at graffiti from a different point of view in Los Angeles

You may have seen the infamous half-mile long piece of graffiti in a number of recent graffiti documentaries. Director Randy de Vol explores this and other pieces in a brand new documentary called The Graff Life, which goes out of its way to explain why graffiti is a way of life. Some might say it is nothing more than vandalism, but others will tell you it’s an extension of one’s identity, to tell you “hey, I was here, you may not see me the next day but you’ll see my piece again in a week, a month, another year.”

Some of the people who are interviewed in The Graff Life include Ghost, Gas, Rance, and Kofie, and features a soundtrack from BLX Crew (a/k/a Gershwin BLX).

The documentary will be coming out on DVD and there will be a release party for it in Los Angeles at Senor Fish (422 E. 1st Street) from 7pm to 12midnight.

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