REVIEW: Dynamics Plus’ Chaos Legion I & II

I really wanted to give this project a shot, and for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it the way the artist intended. Dynamics Plus is decent, and the concept of the two volume Chaos Legion (Dynamica Music) is that it’s meant to be a story of warriors told in comic book form, or fairy tale form, or something. I love the music and overall production, but I found some of the stories to be a bit too much. Maybe it caught me on a bad day, I don’t know, and it’s funny because I do enjoy albums by artists who go out of their way to create storylines that are definitely not of this planet.

Chaos Legion is an inspiring project and I wish I could explain exactly why it doesn’t work for me. Sometimes a lot of rappers do take on the personas of comic book heroes, and we all know that the Wu-Tang Clan were something out of the Marvel or DC Universe, complete with aliases and special techniques. Yet I found myself wanting to hear Quasimoto more.

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