REVIEW: Jogujo Circuit’s A New Tide

They call themselves Jogujo Circuit and are an electronic-based group from Copenhagen, Denmark who mix up electronics and laptops with real instrumentation that results in something that’s a cross between Jazzanota and Jaga Jazzist with a hint of Supreme Beings Of Leisure or Soulstice. A New Tide (Ilk) is an album with a nice blend of mid-tempo songs with the occasional downtempo groover, and when they go back and forth between click-style production and something more orchestrated, it sounds like there’s more people in this group than there is (Jogujo Circuit are currently a trio).

The best song on the album is vocally enhanced by a non-member of the group, Kirsti Huke, whose silky ways has her sounding like Denmark’s version of Clara Hill. The time signature is 17/4 so there’s always an extra step throughout the song as she sings about being concise and watching one’s time. I love when she handles the layers of background vocals too. If she doesn’t have a solo career of her own, she should and have these guys handle a few tracks.

The music is not chaotic, more for the chillout vibe in you with touches of jazz but not overly so.

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