REVIEW: Queen Ifrica’s Montego Bay

The distinctive sounds of the nyabingi open up Queen Ifrica‘s Montego Bay (VP) in a way that takes reggae music back to its own roots, and kind of comes off like Sunday Manoa‘s “Kawika”, reminding people about where things came from and what is being missed by not acknowledging the most obvious.

It’s very much in the reggae tradition but it is more Miriam Makeba than Dawn Penn, and when she gets a little bit of dancehall stylee in “Welcome To Montego Bay”, you realize this is a much different ambassador than those of the past. It’s an incredible positive vibe, something quite refreshing to hear and it’s not sappy as some of the poppy reggae coming from Jamaica as of late. When she talks about the “Coconut Shell”, she’s not talking about the milk or spoon meat, but as a container to hold certain natural substances that will enlighten you, and this will no doubt be a song stoners around the world will be praising to the highest. As she says in the song, the chalice is never empty when you “season” things the right way. She let’s down her guard a bit in the sensual “Lioness On The Rise” and she sounds a lot like another well known musical queen, Queen Latifah.

With production from Tony Rebel, Donovan Germain, C. Hurst, DJ Flava, Adrian Locke, Steve Locke & Teetimus, they help Queen Ifrica take everyone to the promised land that is a positive world, via Jamaica. You hear the love, the pleasure, the pain, and the struggles of the sufferer and in the hands of the Queen you feel that you will be pulled out of the doldrums and the babylon fires. I’m very curious to hear how far she’ll take her musical career.

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