VIDEO: Former Shins drummer starts taco wagon in Portland, Oregon

Besides music, I happen to be a foodie as well. Hell, one look at me and…

Anyway, I enjoy reading food blogs, reading restaurant reviews, and I like passing out information about both on my own food blog. Since this is food-related, I would pass it along to you.

Former Shins drummer Jesse Sandoval was known for not only cooking for his bandmates, but making food for bands who would come through to his town. His love of food, and perhaps more important the respect people gave towards his food, made him think of the idea to start up a cart.

This video is courtesy of a great website called VendrTV, dedicated to “curbside cuiside”. Support your local food vendor.

VIDEO: of Black Eyed Peas talks about “not being hip-hop”

It can be said that has been working the music industry in the last few years to his benefit, and a lot of people, including myself, would love to have the kind of opportunities that he is given. To be able to work, period, would be great.

Nonetheless, with the release of their new album, The E.N.D., a lot of people (including myself) are saying that the Black Eyed Peas haven’t been hip-hop for years, that they lost their edge and are really a pop group in butthole costumes. has been in tap with those views, and he comments about them in this video.

SOME STUFFS: The road welcomes Themselves

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Photo by Mathew Scott © copyright Anticon Records.

You may know of Doseone and Jel and because of that, you may know of Themselves. They are heading on tour again, and as you anticipate them, you can download their brand new album for free. It’s called theFREEhoudini and you can download it now by heading to

As you let their sounds get into your pores, take a look at where they’re headed:

07/23 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
07/24 Portland, OR Doug Fir
07/26 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
07/28 Visalia, CA The Cellar Door
07/29 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
07/30 San Diego, CA Brick by Brick
08/01 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill

Check them.

SOME STUFF: The return of Anti-Pop Consortium

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Seven years ago almost to the day, I had a chance to see Anti-Pop Consortium when they opened up for DJ Shadow in Seattle at the Showbox. As small as the Showbox is, they performed in a way that felt like you were in their basement or bedroom, creating beats and music for themselves, it might seem odd in the grandiose world of hip-hop but it felt more intimate, personal, and just right. Soonafter the group would take a break and like Prince they were unsure if and when they would return. That time seems to be now as the group will be releasing a brand new album for Big Dada called Fluorescent Black. If their music seemed “into the future” back then, imagine what they will sound like now.

You don’t have to imagine, you can take a listen to a song from their forthcoming album called “Capricorn One” (4.36mb).

The album is scheduled for release on October 13th. Their return will be most welcome.

SOME STUFFS: Ganglians bring comfort back

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The band say their debut album is pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to, at least that’s what was going through our heads. These Sacramento gentlemen call themselves Ganglians, and they are about to attack the senses as they should with an album called Monster Head Room (Woodsist), which goes back about 40 years to create music that is meant to feed your head while showing some of the same complexities that have them sounding like a cross between Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tears For Fears and Country Comfort.

You can download their song “Lost Words” by clicking here (4.9mb), or take a look a the wider picture by going to the official Ganglians MySpace page.

Are you comforted? You should be.

SOME STUFF: America’s funny man teams up with Australian punks for new record

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He is easily one of the greatest comedians to come from America since who knows when, and the guy is incredibly vinyl friendly. I am of course talking about the fantastic Neil Hamburger and while in Australia he somehow met the guys in the punk band The Hard-Ons and discovered a unique mutual admiration. They went into the studio and this is the end result. Hamburger wanted to interpret some of Rod McKuen‘s works into song, but the Hard-Ons were having none of that. You’ll hear what happened in American Exports, which you can order by clicking here

VIDEO: Beautiful Lou’s “Used And Abused”

This is a great and funny video from Beautiful Lou, and any of you who visit convenience stores on a regular basis will recognize the scenery all too well.

You can hear more of Beautiful Lou @