REVIEW: Natural Vibrations’ “Ultimate Vibes” (greatest hits compilation)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic If you are familiar with reggae from the Pacific Rim, you will have no doubt heard of the name Natural Vibrations. They have been conquering Hawai’i Nei and the rest of the islands of the Pacific with their brand of reggae and Jawaiian music, and they’ve made enough music to create The Best Of Natural Vibrations: Ultimate Vibes (self-released).

What you have on their album are 15 classic Natural Vibrations jawns, including “Balls Rolling”, “Into Me”, “Mary Jane”, “Okana Road”, “One On One”, “Green Harvest”, and “Freedom Fighter”. Fans will want to buy this for the two previously unreleased tracks, “Man Down” and “Shawty”, both of which are sure to be fan favorites.

Having a “best of” doesn’t mean the end of the group, but it will provide a chance for new fans to catch up (their discography is eleven albums strong) and old fans to impatiently await new music. Just inhale big kine and hol’ ’em.

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