SOME STUFFS: Creating music can be second nature in nature with Music Go Music

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Music Go Music is a peculiar name, but then again maybe not. They’ve gained a small buzz with their brand of music that they feel is “visual and funks”. Simple enough,right?

The group have been signed to Secretly Canadian, who will release their debut album on the 6th of October called Expressions. So what is “their brand of music”? Their press release suggests diversity:

What kind of pop music is it? Rock and Roll, Disco, Metal, Boogie, Trans-Hand, Psychedelic? How does it work?

Who knows how it’ll work? The fan, of course, and the album that will make people become instant believers (or at least that’s the hope). The group will be doing a few shows in L.A. and San Francisco with Little Boots in September, and two shows in London soonafter so one can take the opportunity to feel their visuals and funks. It seems they want to take the power of the late 1970’s, exploit it, moisten it, and make it tingle. That is the best they could do, but they want to make it bester. I think they have a chance in succeeding.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Warm In The Shadows” (13.3mb)

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