SOME STUFFS: Are they Themselves? Themselves say yes, in reference to “CrownsDown”

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Doseone and Jel have returned as, appropriately, Themselves, and a new album is on its way in the form of CrownsDown. It will be released on my birthday, and here is the official track listing:

1. Back II Burn
2. Oversleeping
3. The Mark
4. Gangster Of Disbelief
5. Daxstrong
6. You Ain’t It
7. Roman Is As Roman Does
8. Skinning The Drum
9. Deadcatclear II
10. Gold Teeth Will Roll

What will make of the album? Fans of Doseone, Jel, and the Anticon movement will buy this blindly, but some of the things referenced in their press release include such things as “X-Clan”, “electro bounce”, “Nas”, “Kool Keith”, “Auto-Tune”, and “sweat-and-blood-made crowns”. What does this all mean? You’ll find out, but if you can’t wait around for it just yet, they did create a pre-release album that fans can download for free. You can find out about it here.

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