REVIEW: Nicki Gonzalez’s “Moron Love”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic A moron she is not, but perhaps singer/songwriter Nicki Gonzalez is saying that when it comes to love, it leads to us becoming moronic. The stupidity of love, and all that is to enjoy/hate about it, is the subject of her brief but enjoyable album, Moron Love (Paxil Rose).

There have always been mini-movements in the pop world, and never a shortage of powerful female singer/songwriters. When one becomes popular, a lot of them come to the surface. Nicki Gonzalez has come up in the shadows of Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat, although to her credit she has been doing this years. The album, originally released in 2006, shows someone who has an incredible voice and a knack for writing direct and to the point lyrics, revealing a side that makes the audio voyeur in us want to hear more. Vocally she sounds like a cross between Bareilles and Gwen Stefani, and the first few songs sound like they would be perfect if someone wanted something similar to them. But keep on listening and by the fourth and fifth tracks you begin to hear someone coming out of a shell and into her own person, and this is where she truly shines. It’s pop with a bit of rock, and she sounds like she could be a mean rocker if she wanted to, but what compliments her voice is the fact she writes her own songs, she speaks from personal experience. One tends to be attracted to that in order to want to hear more, and I want more. Melodic, powerful music that could be lost in the shuffle due to less worthy music, but Gonzalez is an artist who not only deserves to be heard, but deserves to be making more music. Anyone who discovers her for the first time will be moved, and the world needs more music like that, so that others can move in her shadow towards finding their own light.

Don’t pass this up.

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