REVIEW: Grumpy Old Men’s “I Remember When”

free image hosting You never see me on stage rappin’ bout my hundred stacks
I rather speak on hip-hop and how we need to bring it back

These are the words from a new group called Grumpy Old Men, whose I Remember When (wormusic/Audio Reconnaissance) is a genuine throwback to a time when hip-hop everything to all of us who cared. This Indianapolis group consists of members of Justice League and Butterfly Toungz, and together they represent the so-called grumpy old men who can’t speak about anything but hip-hop’s good old days. As the Grumpy Old Men, they musically and lyrically look back at what has passed us and perhaps what we are currently missing in the music. These are solid, fun songs that will make anyone move, no silly nightclub mantras or dumbist chants, it’s the kind of songs where you want to consume the verses and then play them over and over until you’re sure you understand it, only to discover new things six months later. There are dance tracks here, but the kind of dance tracks that are decent sounding, no muffle fluff.

Fortunately we have groups like this who truly do …Remember When, and may they continue to preach and teach to the masses/them asses.

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