REVIEW: April Hall’s “Fun Out Of Life”

 photo AprilHall.jpg When you have a good singing voice, share it with the world is what I often say. When you have a great voice, it is only a matter of time before others will notice. Okay so maybe it’s time, hard work, and determination. Of course I did not forget talent, and someone who has all of this is April Hall, whose Fun Out Of Life (Bee Boy) is a nice middle finger to those who insist jazz has no more life.

What moves me about hearing Hall is that this woman can sing, without a doubt. But she’s not just a jazz singer, for while she has done some work with pianist Pamela Hines (whose work I’ve reviewed a number of times over the years), she also has a folk album in her discography. But when I hear songs like “Foolin’ MySelf, “Boogie Woogie Blues (I May Be Wrong)”, and “I’m A Fool To Want You”, she can really tear it up in the blues department and I would love to hear her in a soul setting.

In other words, what I hear is character from someone who sings with a lot of passion and heart. I can’t stand it when someone just sings jazz-by-the-book, it’s almost effortless regardless of how decent or half-decent the songs are. Hall makes me want to hear more, as she is very comfortable in what she does and her voice is very comforting. I think with her range, she could play around with the song selection too, not only do the expected jazz standards, but to take any song from any genre and reinterpret it into the April Hall songbook. I hope she’ll take her talents as far as she can take it, but then go around the corner and push it to new places.

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