REVIEW: Says She’s Ms. Blat’s self-titled EP

Says She’s Ms. Blat is a new project featuring musician Bret Puchir, who is one half of this duo and plays drums, guitar, and bass, and also recorded, mixed, and produced this EP. The other half of the duo is vocalist/keyboardist Lottie Leymarie, whose voice is one of the more striking elements upon hearing their self-titled 8-song EP (self-released). By keeping themselves to just a duo, one tends to want to hear and/or expect more and will hear the alleged void. What I find myself doing is focusing more on Puchir’s drums backing up Leymarie’s voice, whose voice take some of the more daring elements of Bob Dylan, Pink, and Carrie Akre and ends up sounding like someone who you wouldn’t dare fuck with, in any situation. In truth, she sings with the kind of unabashed power that pulls you in to what she’s singing about. A song like “Not Sorry” plainly states she’s unapologetic about things, while “Crazy Little Eyelids” sounds as if she’s been hanging out with punk and hip-hop crowds and is better because of it.

Their MySpace page describes their own music as being “dark vaudevillian pop”, and that couldn’t be any more accurate. The music sounds like it could be unveiled as an elaborate show, as if you’re expected to show up and take part in their evil deeds. After hearing their songs, you can’t help but want to be corrupted.

It’s music you listen to and be affected by, something that sticks to you because there is some substance in what Puchir and Leymarie. It’s like a plate of ribs, but nothing is too sweet. Well, maybe there’s some sweetness in Says She’s Ms. Blat’s sound, but they’re not about to reveal where it’s coming from. This is one group I will be keeping an eye and ear out for.

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