REVIEW: Steelo’s “Music”

Now I know why I didn’t listen to this when I was sent a copy two months ago. I like good R&B and I love hip-hop, and unfortunately you have people out there blurring the thin line between the two, and unfortunately most of the time it ends up sounding like crap.

Okay, sonically the recording sounds great. But as far as what <a href="“>Steelo are about musically, I want to metaphorically vomit down its throat. Is it accessible, yes? Is it potentially catchy, yes, but it sounds like what a raw birdie hole smells like. It’s very bubble gum, it sounds like everyone else who are offering the exact same formula, there is absolutely nothing in their music that sounds original, bold or daring. You’re probably saying “this isn’t supposed to be original, bold, or daring, this is supposed to make people in the club…” and when you mention that dreaded word to me, I’ll walk away.

What would have made this album better? Harder beats, songs that are structured better, and stronger lyrics that have more to do than just dancing til the break of dawn. I can hear why they could have a devoted audience, but it would be great if they applied their talents to create something more moving.

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