REVIEW: LeVert II’s “Dedication”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There are some music projects that should have never even been thought of. Case in point: LeVert II.

I was a huge fan of LeVert, grew up with my share of O’Jays songs, so I understand the sentiment of carrying on the musical legacy. This one, however, just seems to reek in a bad way. The two LeVert brothers are no longer with us, so surviving member Marc Gordon has decided to not only carry on with the name, but recreate himself as best as he can as Levert II. Gordon has a decent voice, but the primary reason why people loved LeVert was because of the LeVert’s. So who outside of Gordon is in the group? Someone named Blaq Rose. That’s it. The original concept behind this album was that it was meant to have Sean LeVert. When he died, it left the group without its soul. Fortunately his presence is heard in “My Brotha”, in honor of Gerald LeVert, but the rest of the album doesn’t hold up.

Let’s get direct and to the point. Half of the songs are okay, while the other songs, some of which lean towards hip-hop, should never have been released on anything using the LeVert name. I know LeVert dabbled in hip-hop every now and then, but these songs sound like a cheap way to promote your music on the backs of someone else’s legacy, which isn’t right. The promotion is not as powerful as it could be either, it sounds like instant mall music, and there’s no excuse for that either, don’t give me the “we didn’t have a big budget” excuse either. To make it worse, the official press release for the album says that the CD is a posthumous release. It would be posthumous if it was an actual LeVert album, but this is being promoted as LeVert II. No one in Levert II is dead.

Outside of the great with Sean LeVert, the other song that shows promise is also a promotional one, as Camryn LeVert sings “Daddy”, for father Gerald. She is still young but she shows incredible potential if she wishes to make music a part of her career. It’s difficult to say if she’ll have the voice of a Keke Palmer, but only time will tell.

As for Levert II, leave well alone.

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