SOME STUFFS: Lost Beach Boys multitrack tapes found

Photograph by Lance Robison
It’s not so much that the Beach Boys multi-track tapes were lost. Someone had them, but they were not in the hands of Brian Wilson or any of the surviving Beach Boys, or even with any former Capitol Records employees.

These tapes, which are the original session tapes The Beach Boys recorded some of their songs, have been missing for years but somehow they managed to get into the hands of a few kids, who kept it around for 45 years. When it was discovered that someone had what is considered to be a very prized find, Capitol Records had no idea what they were dealing with. A sign of the demise of the record industry? Sadly it’s an occurance that has happened too often with record labels, as companies would regulary toss out tapes in the trash in order to clear out inventory, with no care about history or value of what lurked on those reels. Only the diehard music junkies who knew of the practice made regular trips into trash bins in order to raid them. This happens to be one story of a (re)discovery.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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