REVIEW: Pus Vomit’s “Degrade The Worthless”

free image hosting With an album called Degrade The Worthless (Berdrugo), it’s safe to say this Filipino band aren’t about to snatch away Vanesse Hudgens fan club anytime soon. These guys play a style of death metal that is extra crunchy, it sounds like what razor blades slatching boils smells like. Some will say that this is nothing more than Cookie Monster-style vocals passing itself off as music, but by saying this, you’re missing out on a style of brutality that one wouldn’t expect to hear from a band out of The Philippines. Then again, it’s not resort living there either.

Song titles include “God Help Me Rape The Dead”, “Your Dead Body I Molest”, and “Dismembered Virgin Limbs”. Not to play in front of your parents or grandparents, unless they are into praising LORD SATANA!

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