SOME STUFFS: cherished Herbie Mann album remastered for vinyl

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Herbie Mann covered a lot of ground in his lifetime, and there are many albums in his very deep catalog that people love to go back to. One of them was released on Atlantic in 1962, a live recording called Herbie Mann at the Village Gate. Newly remastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray for Audio Fidelity, the album may have featured only three songs, but it brought jazz to an audience who didn’t know they needed it. “Comin’ Home Baby”, the shortest song on the album at 8:37, was edited for release as a single and managed to give Mann a Top 30 hit. Versions of “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “Summertime” (both George Gershwin compositions) brought fans down to their knees at record stores, imagine what it must’ve been like for those who witnessed these performances.

This remaster is vinyl-only and will be pressed on 180g virgin vinyl. You can pre-order your copy from

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