VIDEO: The Bay Area Sistah Sound (B.A.S.S.) are doing it for themselves

There are many in hip-hop who have asked what happened to the female MC’s, as there seems to be no one in the mainstream who is doing their thing. The female DJ, however, is more obscure and almost a non-existent entity unless it’s someone in a clothing commercial. But if you know where to go, you’ll know where to find, see, and hear some of the best female DJ’s around. Head to San Francisco for a look at a new collective called Bay Area Sistah Sound (B.A.S.S.), formed by DJ Zita (Golden Soundscapes) and Pam The Funkstress (The Coup). They are taking their own love of DJ’ing and all that is vinyl to the forefront, to prove once again that DJ’ing is a place for both women and men, and that some of the best turntablists and vinyl junies are ladies who will not hesitate to go in front of you at a record convention to go through the crate you’re looking at.

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