REVIEW: Samothrace’s “Life’s Trade”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It might seem a bit odd that I’m reviewing an album that’s about a year old, but sometimes the best discoveries take time to locate. Case in point: Samothrace. This former Lawrence, Kansas band have been around for a few years and finally impressed fans with four songs of heavy sludge/doom metal in the form of their debut, Life’s Trade (20 Buck Spin. I am a huge fan of these styles of metal, the more evil sounding, the slower it is, the more grinding the better and these do it incredibly well. What I also like is within all of this plodding sludge is a a sense of melody that comes from the guitar work when a surprise guitar solo comes in, or when the bass starts doing things that are a bit unexpected. Portions of their songs get into some nice drones, and all you can do is allow the sound to carry you through to the end.

Oddly enough, when I was listening to this on my iPod while mowing the lawn, I found that some of the drones of the guitars matched the sound of the lawnmower. I’m not shitting you, it was almost like Indian classical music where the primary musician will play everywhere around a certain key and then eventually meet up with it, and it was a makeshift way to see that I jammed with Samothrace.

The band have since relocated to Seattle, so maybe they’ll be able to collaborate with Lesbian in the near future, or maybe they will be performing at lawnmower conventions, as they are able to recreate the sound of grass growing. Jokes aside, Life’s Trade is for fans who love their metal extra slow and extra heavy.

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