REVIEW: The Hidden Cameras’ “Origin:Orphan”

free image hosting The Hidden Cameras are a group created by the master known as Joel Gibb, and immediately I sense you are going “well damn, a master? Who is this Gibb kid?” Well for one, I don’t know if he’s a kid, and most likely not. Most likely he is not related to the famous Gibb brothers of Barry, Maurice, Robin, and Andy, even though one of the songs here (“He Falls To Me”) sounds like an incredible tribute to The Bee Gees pre-1972. So what makes him a master?

Origin: Orphan (arts & crafts) is perfect ear candy for fans of psychedelic and power pop, complete with layers of vocals, wrong-yet-somehow-right placement of echo and reverb, and nonsense lyrics that somehow still sounds good in the context of the song. I’m talking specifically about “In The NA”, where the title is repeated in every line by line and we never really know what exactly is in the NA or what may be going in or out of the NA, but it doesn’t matter: you are spellbound by what the NA may or may not be and that’s fine. It reminds me of the kind of pop music one was willing to give a shot in the 60’s and 70’s, as if The Partridge Family and The Cowsills were given ludes by the guys in the Bay City Rollers or something equally bizarre. It doesn’t sound like an album that was released in 2009, but by looking at the pop music that came before us, it allows us to see and hear the formulas that worked, revealing that this is very much about the future. Or maybe that good music is simply timeless, and this will no doubt be timeless 40 years down the line.

Then to add confusion into the mix, there’s a song here that sounds like The Thompson Twins. Is that when the ludes kicked in? I have no idea, but whatever worked must’ve been good, and I’d like for it to be breaded onto my chicken.

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