SOME STUFFS/TV News: Latin Music USA 4-part PBS documentary begins tonight

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Even though it may be in a different language, or at least “non-English”, Latin music in the United States is American music as much of it comes from the American experience. Beginning tonight, October 12th, PBS is presenting a 4-part documentary called Latin Music USA, exploring the roots of the music as it goes through and mixes up with country, rock, jazz, gospel, and R&B, perhaps reflecting not only its creators but maybe a true look at the evolving fabric of a nation. If music opens the heart and spirit of a people, then people by default unite while retaining its core for all to see.

You can check out the schedule for the series by clicking here. The entire series will be released on DVD on November 24th, along with a soundtrack CD that is in truth a sampler of the vast world of music that is out there. You can pre-order the DVD, CD, or a combo of both by heading to

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