REVIEW: Skyzoo’s “The Salvation”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There has been an incredible buzz for this MC known as Skyzoo and if you are a hip-hop head, then you’ll know the use of the term “MC” isn’t something I throw out like free bus passes. This means that his new album, The Salvation (Jamla/Duck Down) is an album that is performed by a gifted individual who knows how to turn his wicked flows into masterpieces to be.

Upon hearing tracks like “Popularity”, “The Necessary Evils”, and “Dear Whoever”, you’ll know why Duck Down decided to sign this. The voice, flow, swagger, the attitide, and just the essence of what is within these songs: this is someone of quality and substance, someone who understands what rap music actually is. It’s nice to hear someone who can present himself as an MC, go out on stage and deliver decent hip-hop, and better. He’d probably be welcome on a Dilated Peoples or Blue Scholars track. With productions from Just Blaze, Black Milk, Illmind, Nottz, Needlz, and 9th Wonder among others, Skyzoo has put faith in these guys to enhance his already powerful style, and they succeed. This represents Brooklyn to the fullest, and it sounds like home.

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