SOME STUFFS: LMFAO looking for a trailer load of polka dot bikini girls

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The search is on to find polka dot bikini girls, like Stephanie Arakel as shown above. The guys in LMFAO are about to head out on the Party Rock Tour, and they feel that if eye candy is needed, they’ll go on a search.

Keep in mind that if you want to be one of their polka dot bikini girls, you’re not going on tour with Steely Dan, but LMFAO.
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Here are the rules. You have to submit a video showing the group why you feel you deserve to be the next Polka Dot Bikini Girl, along with your three best photos. Please include a close-up of your face, as well as a full body photo.

All entries must be received by October 25, 2009. members (LMFAO’s fans) will vote for their favorite entries and LMFAO will choose the final winner(s).

The new Polka Dot Bikini Girl(s) will be on the bus with LMFAO during the upcoming Party Rock Tour, which runs from November 5th to December 20, 2009. The winner(s) get free room and board during the tour and will be paid per show (some restrictions may apply).

The new Polka Dot Bikini Girl(s) must be 21 or over with a slim/slender body type. Modeling (particularly runway) experience is preferred. Only sexy ladies need apply!

To submit your entry, visit

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