REVIEW: Om’s “God Is Good”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Om are from the ashes of the almighty Sleep, and have been creating their brand of stoner metal for a long time. God Is Good (Drag City) is an album consisting of only four songs, with the longest track clocking in at a beautiful 19:08, and their grinding, low-end heaviness is all a part of their adventure, although on this one it seems the guys are trying to combine different emotions into one track. Some may feel that this style of music is nothing but gloom and doom, but it’s not, although the fun in hearing stuff like this involves being amazed at how evil and cruel it can sound. That’s all that it is, though: sound. “Cremation Ghat” is a 2-part mini masterpiece that will take over yourself once you realize what they’re trying to do.

I don’t know if these guys have been away, went to a different country and came out of the experience with an epiphany, but it sounds like something that is momentus. Or it could simply be the way Om do it, and we love how they do it. It is said that “om” (ॐ) is the word for “god”, and thus the band are simply saying that “they” themselves are good. Amen.

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