Record Store Day 2010 Project List: let’s gather

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I’m a fan and supporter of Record Store Day. If you don’t know what it is, it is a day where record stores across the country and around the world celebrate the record store as a gathering place for those who love music. For some it is a thing of the past, for others it’s a bit of nostalgia. For many, it is still where one can “talk story” and find each other.

The day often features record labels, both major and indie, creating product specifically for the day, some of the people in the past who have made records for Record Store Day include Beck and Sonic Youth. What I want to do is gather a list of artists who will be making music for Record Store Day, specifically on vinyl but also for CD’s as well.

These are two artists who will tentatively have something ready for Record Store Day.

Sketch Tha Cataclysm

Both Sketch and Deto-22 recently collaborated on The Sharing Is Caring EP (which I reviewed here).

If you are going to make something for Record Store Day, you can contact me through <a href=" or Twitter.

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