SOME STUFFS: D-Sisive dares you take a sip… of his new album

As people are getting ready to celebrate the holiday season, D-Sisive is offering something else for consumption in the form of a drink. He has the sugar packets and the sugar, and perhaps the right type of water to make his drink effective. But how effective is it, and will you be brave enough to take a drink, knowing what has happened before?

He makes a bold move with the release of his brand new album called Jonestown (URBNet), which he’s making available as a free download on his website at right now. The album is said to be a throwback to what D-Sisive was known for in the 90’s, with productions from Moss, Anonymous Twist, Muneshine, Murr, Marco Polo, 9th Uno, and Shinogo.

I guess the real question is, what does Jonestown have to do with things? What exactly is the juice his fans will be consuming, or is it a metaphor for hip-hop, and what people have been drinking foolishly for the last ten years? Get your cups ready.

(Mahalo nui to D-Sisive himself for the correction on the release date. If you are in Toronto, there will be an album release party (a “massacre” if you will) on Thursday, November 26th at The Drake Underground (1150 Queen Street W.) in Toronto. $5 at the door, 19 and older. Doors open at 9pm, show scheduled to start at 10pm.)

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