SOME STUFFS: Toro Y Moi brings his sound to the hoi polloi

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Chaz Bundick is from Columbia, South Carolina, but one day for shits and giggles, he said he’s going to be Toro Y Moi. By approving of him being called a “multi-cultural juggernaut”, one that incorporates a number of different musical styles, it could ideally work. But what is this Toro Y Moi about? He has an album coming out on February 23rd called Causers Of This (Car Park). His bio states he loves Sonic Youth and Daft Punk as much as he loves Dilla, so Dilla fans will get all tingly in their boner regions.

Regardless of the influences, you’ll want to know what Toro Y Moi is about. You can take a listen in the form of “Blessa” (6.24mb). If you like it and happen to be a vinyl supporter, the song is available as a 7″ 45, available from

If this song is too good, you have to wait irresistibly for another three months. Bundick is moving out of the bedroom and into your life, welcome him with open arms.

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