REVIEW: Tama Sumo’s “Panorama Bar 02”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Tama Sumo is not a Japanese/German wunderkind, but rather a DJ/tastemaker who knows how to find the right music for the right time, place, and opportunity. His opportunistic ways are explored on a compilation called Panorama Bar 02 (Ostgun Ton), and the songs featured here are a mere hint of what it would be like to be in the middle of a Tama Sumo vibe.

He knows what he’s doing by combining songs like Steffi‘s “24 Hours”, John Daly‘s “Birds”, Basic Soul Unit‘s “Things Pass”, and Ost & Kjex‘s “Continental Lover” across this 21-track mix, and while I would have loved to have heard more, the reason behind this is to discover and have a desire to get more into the Tama Sumo experience, because listening to this is an experience. The CD has a number of unreleased tracks and exclusives, so you’ll want to get this for that alone.

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