8’s From The 808: Cecilio & Kapono’s first album (1974)

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As far as Cecilio & Kapono‘s debut album for Columbia Records, it received as much airplay as Beyonce Knowles does today, you could not escape the power of C&K in the mid-70’s and who would want to. Not only did Hawaiians buy it, but transplanted Hawaiians who had to have this album. They were a bit like Hawai’i’s own Seals & Crofts, and people were proud of this. By being on Columbia, it of course made non-Hawaiians curious about this group that combined pop, rock, country, folk, and soul. The album frequently pops up at used record stores, thrift stores, and garage sales, proving its lasting power. Their cover of Stevie Wonder‘s “All In Love Is Fair”, with its lush orchestral arrangement, still brings a tear to the eye.

The album also reminds us transplanted Hawaiians of the “smile that are real”.

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