SOME STUFFS: …and one answer to Why? is Josiah Wolf

Photo by Liz Hodson
Josiah Wolf is one part of the equation that is the group Why?, whose last two albums have been on many best-of lists for the last few years and the decade as a whole. Wolf is taking on a new adventure which coincides with a recent move in his life (he returned to the midwest after years of living in California), and that adventure is a true solo album appropriately titled Jet Lag (Anticon).
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I’m not going to copy the bio for the album verbatim, but I will say this. Judging from the description, it is an album that digs deep into Wolf’s life of the last few years, revealing emotions, thoughts, and ideas that music fans enjoy listening to. Ut not only helps open the door slightly towards the artist, but fans are able to say “yes, I can relate to this”. Now when I say “true solo album”, it means that he played every instrument on the album, so perhaps he’s honoring the 40th anniversary of Paul McCartney‘s first “true solo album”, McCartney, or maybe he’s pulling a Todd Rundgren, or maybe he’s just being Josiah Wolf.

Pitchfork states that it’s a chance for Josiah to move away a bit from the shadow of his younger brother Yoni Wolf, who has been known for his work with Reaching Quiet and cLOUDDEAD. No need to make Kinks comparisons, there’s still brotherly love here and as the album hits real and virtual streets on March 2nd, Josiah will perform solo before joining the rest of his Why? bandmates on a spring tour.

You can listen to one of the tracks from the album by clicking here and looking for the link. “The Trailer And The Truck” sounds like one of those songs you don’t want to share with anyone, because you feel a wider audience would only help to water its intensity. Share it anyway, and bring a durable umbrella just in case.

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