SOME STUFFS: Out of the shadows and into the bright lights for Roy Hamilton III

You may have came across his name in liner notes or articles on some of the hits of the last decade, but it seems Roy Hamilton III wants a bit of that spotlight that his contemporaries have had with a bit of his help.

He’s now releasing music on his own, and he’s testing the waters with a mix-tape situation called The International, with the first video from it being “Sexy Chick”. If you enjoy the song and want to hear more, The International mix-tape (actually a 5-song EP) is available as a free download, which you can access by clicking here (23.57mb). Here’s the track listing:

1. Sexy Chick – Roy Hamilton III Remix
2. Have Sum Fun ft. Selina Carrera of The Axixs
3. I Got A Fast Car – Fake Blood/Mars Remix
4. Lemme See U Wine – Roy Hamilton vs. Major Lazer
5. The InviZible Man – The International 30Hz

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