REVIEW: Process Of Guilt’s “Erosion”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Doom metal can and should sound brutal, the whole point of it is to hear music that sounds like the end of life, apocalypse coming into your world, and someone shanking you in slow motion. Some bands do it and go nowhere with it, while others enjoy changing up and developing a style that is their own. Process Of Guilt are about playing things at sluggish paces that almost feels as if they’ll never end, but that’s not boring. I love that chuggy spirit, but when they decide to turn the tempo up just a notch and create a bit of melody that is most welcome, you’re pulled into the sludge and you’re under water trying to escape.

Erosion (Major Label Industries) is just what this music sounds like, something eroding. This Portuguese band want to bring you into their doom-fest but they’re very technical in what they bring into their music, all of which is well arranged and played. I love the fact that the first five tracks are actually five songs within a movement (Part I, Part II, Part III, etc.), and at the end you realize the movement actually begins at that point, and it’s Part I of the next movement. When you hear it and how it works within the flow and continuity of the album, it makes sense.

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