REVIEW: Lymbyc System’s “Shutter Release”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic What makes Lymbyc System a great listen is that one can imagine them having a room full of random sounds, records, CD’s, external hard drives, and instruments, but what they want to do with it is not create the usual. Shutter Release (Mush) is not the usual. It’s not quite a dance album, although you could dance to it. It’s not rock, soul, folk, or really anything that you can pinpoint. It sounds like incidental music from a production library, or the kind of sound that Danger Mouse has always been playing around with. Or think of this: you spent a summer finding and listening to some of the best electronic music albums of the last 50 years, and you enjoy the textures of analog and how different things sounded back then. Then you take that, give it a modern perspective and add in the technologies of the now, and then feed it chips. This is Lymbyc System.


Lymbyc Systym – Bedroom Anthem from Mush Records on Vimeo.

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