REVIEW: Pg.Lost’s “In Never Out”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It’s always great to hear a band who choose to not include any vocals in their music, and they look to see how they can go beyond the expected boundaries. Pg.Lost are one of those instrumental rock bands that want to make sure they keep fans listening by constantly fine tuning their songs and making them the best that they can be. In Never Out (Black Star Foundation) is not the kind of album you’ll be able to just sit back and relax to, they have a lot of dynamics to their music where just when you think you’re comfortable, they blast you with a wall of guitars and a rhythm section that helps push things closer to an edge that never comes. In other words, hearing this sounds like a somewhat melancholy way moving in slow motion, but you’re always at the lip so you see the fall but never go over the edge. That is at least how I describe this Swedish band.

If you push yourself to go deep into Pg.Lost’s music, you may find the beauty within, but the challenge here is to not embrace the melancholy, for it’s what brings you in.


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