REVIEW: DJ Packo’s “Aquadust (A Dubstep/Turntablism Mix)”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic DJ Packo has been around for a short time, but after listening to Aquadust (Skratchmore), I almost find that hard to believe.

The 36-track megamix is A Dubstep/Turntablism Mix as the subtitle indicates, but during the duration of the mix, I had so much fun listening to how songs went into one another, how they seemed to communicate with each other not only back to back, but even long distance, it’s as if he’s playing games with the tracks and he’s waiting to see if anyone has figured it out. It’s dubstep so one might find it easy to just kick back and let the music speak for itself, but he’s DJ’ing within the program (thus it being a “turntablism mix”) and if he’s capable of doing this in a controlled setting, I can only wonder what he pulls off live. I can only wonder how much more powerful this music is with the volume on high. I hope DJ Packo gets more attention outside of Hawai’i so he can either tour with other like minded artists or get into some serious collaborations and productions with others.

(You can download Aquadust for free by looking at DJ Packo’s Soundcloud page, or if you want a hard copy on CD, e-mail him at or via twitter @DJPacko.)

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