RECORD CRACK: Now you too can have some Manners

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Manners is one man, Greg Beson. He releases his style of intimate pop music on his own label, Sun Of Bees because he is the son of bees (or in this case, the son of Beson). As Manners, Beson has released an album called Look Into Look Unto, which received a small but following following from various critics and bloggers. He released the album on compact disc and cassette, and in a few weeks you will be able to purchase it on vinyl as a six-song 7″ EP. Pre-orders are being taken at Grinding Tapes Recording Company, so head there. MP3 version with two bonus tracks can also be ordered there too. Those who prefer the CD or cassette version can go directly to

As for Beson, he has a number of shows coming up, including a few where he’ll be performing as Greg Sun & The Woolves. As Manners, he will he taking part in a Grinding Tapes Showcase on April 17th at The Armory in Somerville, MA with The Woodrow Wilsons & North Carolina’s Elijah Wyman, who will be performing as Tiny Mtns.

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