RECORD CRACK: Score a test pressing from the Skratchy Seal (QBert approved)

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As a Hawaiian kid, I often looked forward to going to Sea Life Park because it would mean I would be on the other side of the island. For Hawaiians, that meant “a long trip” even though it was under half an hour. But I would often see the seals there, and I was fascinated because of their appearance in commercials that used to air during my favorite children’s show, Checkers & Pogo. I also remember the one with the dolphin where there was a singer in it who said “what a feeling… SEA LIFE PARK” and the dolphin would jump to the camera lens and it would freeze. It was cool looking. Back to the seals. A few of them were dancers and I clearly remember one of them doing hand gestures that seemed musical, or at least rhythmic. It is quite possible that it was Skratchy Seal, who would end up getting involved in DJ’ing. A seal making music? Who knew?

With the help of DJ QBert, Skratchy Seal is releasing a 10 year anniversary album, or what they’re calling a “double sided skipless record” featuring various sounds, bleeps, bloops, and seal sounds. The album will be released through Thud Rumble, but they have one test pressing that they are making available through the tug of war digital means called eBay. In other words, you can bid for it here. The album was pressed at Record Technology Incorporated (RTI), known for some quality work throughout the years.

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You can also check out what’s going on at QBert Skratch University and perhaps the Skratchy Seal will show up. I hear that the Seal may be hanging out playing some basketball at the court in Papakolea, but don’t tell anyone.

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