RECORD CRACK: Evelyn Evelyn release album as double 10 inch

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What I like about the current vinyl craze is that artists and labels are doing some adventurous things with covers, graphics, and the records themselves. Case in point: the debut album by Evelyn Evelyn, released on March 30th on their own Eleven label. While double albums are not new, it is interesting that they should to release their album on vinyl as a double 10″, on yellow and blue vinyl. The vinyl version comes with the obligatory lyric sheet, along with a CD of the album. You can order it from the official Evelyn Evelyn web store,where they have some really good bundles that you can purchase (along with some peculiar bundles that will be great for everyone involved).

You may have heard the story on Evelyn Evelyn, who are conjoined twins named Evelyn & Evelyn Neville. They live in nearby Walla Walla, which means all I have to do is drive less than an hour to see them? Awesome. Unfortunately, Evelyn Evelyn are about to go on tour with the help of Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, so perhaps I’ll be able to meet up with them at Hot Poop when they return.

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