RECORD CRACK: Tobacco opens up his “Maniac Meat” for giggles

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What you see here is the official album cover artwork for Tobacco‘s forthcoming album, Maniac Meat (Anticon). Just as his music is a combination of synthesized and sampled sounds, the album cover artwork mixes up “found images” with something else. I say this because it is that “something else” that keeps fans coming back for the works of Tom Fec, in whatever costume he chooses to put on for the day.

This is the album Beck will appear on. Tobacco had expressed interest last year in working with Biz Markie, and I actually sent Biz a message via MySpace in the hopes a collaboration will happen. No word on if Biz actually wrote to Tobacco or if he decided to find more Jamaican 12″ singles of American 45 edits, but who knows.

Maniac Meat is scheduled for release on May 25th. Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD will be had very soon over at

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