REVIEW: Five Play Jazz Quintet’s self-titled CD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Their promo photo on the back cover looks dookie packed, but the music is anything but. The Five Play Jazz Quintet play the kind of jazz that sounds like it would be great during a picnic at the park or wine cellar, but is also perfect for a late night groove at the nightclub.

The quintet (Alan Hall on dms, Laura Klein on p, Dave Tidball on sax and clarifono, Tony Corman on gits, and Paul Smith is the bassting) work incredibly well together and it sounds like they’re having fun, which is a plus. The rhythm section of Hall and Smith sound like these two have many drinks and stories to share. Klein’s piano work does all of the wonders of the greats in jazz, you hear her decorating the song but once it’s her moments, you might forget that you’re listening to Laura Klein and not Dave Brubeck, but there’s also a slight Thelonious Monk touch to her playing too, subtle but to my ears very present.

All of the songs are original pieces from members of the quintet, so the listener is not relying on another variation of a variation of a variation, one hears this with open ears and is smiling from ear to ear. Some of the songs fade, and I wish they didn’t, I wish they would end properly but it does give them a Duke Ellington sensibility where the false fades tells the listener “to be continued”, or at least makes them believe these songs are open ended.

When jazz sounds this good, I’m moved. When the musicians play this great, I want to move people by telling them “go pick this up”.


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