SOME STUFFS: Curtis Mayfield gets the audiophile treatment

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It’s one of his most celebrated albums in a discography full of classics. Curtis Mayfield‘s album Curtis will be released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab as part of their Ultradisc II™ 24 KT Gold CD series.

This is his first solo album away from The Impressions and features great tracks like “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go”, “We the People Who are Darker than Blue”, “Miss Black America”, and “Give It Up”. This will no doubt be the best way you’ll ever hear Curtis, and one hopes this will stop the neglect of giving soul and funk albums the audiiophile treatment, or at least remaster them the way it should be done.

For those who are new to audiophile discs, it is more expensive because it is a 24k gold CD, and it is the album proper, no bonus tracks. Curtis is an album that has become a personal favorite for countless fans, even those who will say that THIS is his best LP.

No word on if MOFI will release this on vinyl, but if it will be, I’ll let everyone know. Until then, you can order the gold audiophile CD of Curtis directly from

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