RECORD CRACK welcomes ass crack, courtesy CX Kidtronix

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Nude bodies on picture discs aren’t nothing new. When Metallica were at their height, there was a series of bootleg 12″ picture discs with various naked ladies, and cheesecake nudes are documented on records from the 1930’s, if not earlier. But what happens when you put together butt cleavage of different skin tones and use that as the image on your record? Stones Throw Records has an answer with a new 12″ picture disc by CX Kidtronix called, appropriately, “Black Girl, White Girl”. Flip the record over and you get “Wild Kingdom”, which isn’t about Mutual of Omaha but instead focus on mutual respect from special guests King Geedorah (a/k/a MF DOOM), and Diallo. The picture disc comes with a bonus CD, so you’ll want to snag it up before you can only find it on eBay for $122 tops.

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